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Going Green Can Save You Green

If you are a farmer, you’re land may be right for application of biosolids. Recyc Systems is always looking for agricultural operations with which to partner. The process of qualifying your land for biosolids application is fairly straight forward.
  • You fill out and sign an application for your farm (see PDF download of form below)
  • We conduct a site visit to your farm to see if it is appropriate
  • We collect maps and study how your farm fits into the watershed (PDF download of permissions form below)
  • We take soil samples of your fields
  • Finally, we prepare a Site Booklet, showing property setbacks and environmentally sensitive areas
  • The state reviews your Booklet and conducts its own site visit
  • Once your farm is approved, Recyc Systems is issued a permit
  • Recyc Systems takes care of all the spreading, following strict guidelines established in your permit
Get Started Today

Here is where you start. Just download the application and permission forms below, fill them out and return them to us. We take care of the procedures from there, and there is never a charge to the farmer. Your participation in land application of biosolids:
  • Helps your neighbors in cities and towns
  • Keeps our environment safe
  • Provides free fertilizer for your crops